The depressed mom

Lately I haven’t been the best mom ever, but you can’t tell my kids that. I  have been lazy, unmotivated and disconnected. But when they see me they make me feel accomplished to a certain degree just by their love. I see a Psychiatrist, I’m on medication but still that melancholy feeling is always there when I get home, to say the least I could use a maid and laundry service but I can’t afford that. Today my anxiety is lower I am actually more moody than anything. I just need to hone in on what is really present right now and how I can change my attitude, my situations, my thoughts. Thank God the children have another parent that is engaging with them while I’m on this binge this sad, awful depressing binge. Maybe I need a vacation? Maybe this is the last day of the binge and I’ll wake up happy, who knows what tomorrow brings…day…by….day….




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